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Physico-Technical Steering Group

General Information

The Physico-Technical Steering Group of EUREF is a working group with well-known European experts and is occupied with the coordination of the European Quality Assurance and Quality Control Guidelines.

The Members of this Steering Group are:
H. Bosmans, Belgium
R. van Engen, Netherlands
P. Heid, France
B. Lazzari, Italy
S. Schopphoven, Germany
K. Young, United Kingdom


Cooperation between EUREF and AAPM:  "International Working Group on Phantoms for Breast Imaging (WGPBI)"

As a co-operation between experts in North America (AAPM) and Europe (EUREF), the working group is aimed to develop phantoms for evaluation of two and three-dimensional breast imaging systems. The phantom will be developed and tested in collaboration with other existing testing efforts by the AAPM and EUREF. The initial charge is focused on x-ray based systems, but can expand into other imaging modalities. This provides a unique opportunity to ensure the harmonization of phantom development effort and associated methods/software and limiting values.
The co-operation will be conducted under the auspices of AAPM and EUREF, with additional engagement sought from ACR, SBR, ESOBS, RSNA, and relevant Asian organizations. The working group will also work closely with AAPM TG-171.

Members Working Group: Bosmans, Hilde TC, Maidment, Andrew D. A., Samei, Ehsan, (Co-Chair), Thijssen, Martin A., Van Engen, Ruben, Williams, Mark Bennett, Yaffe, Martin J., Young, Kenneth C (Co-Chair)

Latest news

Updated version of European breast tomosynthesis QC protocol (version 1.03)

Changes compared to version 1.01:

  • The dose reference values have been changed to limiting values.
  • The limiting dose value for 20 mm PMMA thickness has changed from 1.0 mGy to 1.2 mGy. This has been done because feedback was received and was noted that the value of 1.0 mGy was difficult to achieve with sufficient image quality for DBT systems.
  • Some text has been added regarding the mode in which mages have to be made in some methods of measurement.


Download the updated version here (bottom of the page).

Updated version of European breast tomosynthesis QC protocol (version 1.01)

Due to the rapid developments the European breast tomosynthesis protocol (version 1.01) has been updated and released.


Changes compared to version 1.0:

  • Table 1 has been updated.
  • For scanning geometry DBT systems inherently without projection images it has been mentioned in the description of several measurements that the simple backprojection mode should be used.
  • In the terms of definition the reference ROI in simple backprojection images has been added.
  • In the dosimetry section the s-factor for Rh/Ag has been added.
  • Some small errors has been corrected.


Download the updated version here (bottom of the page).

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