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Board / Affiliated Experts

Executive Board

The Board Members of EUREF are

chris de wolf

vanessa kaab sanyal


Dr. Chris de Wolf  (NL)


Dr. Vanessa Kääb-Sanyal (DE)

Dr. Nick Perry (UK)


Affiliated Experts

Radiology: Chantal van Ongeval (BE, Chair), Axel Grawingholt (DE), Luis Pina (ES)

Radiography: Cary van Landsveld Verhoeven (NL, Chair), Stephanie Frei (CH)

Physics: Stephan Schopphoven (DE, Chair), Ruben van Engen (NL), Hilde Bosmans (BE), Ken Young (UK) 

Pathology: Cecily Quinn (IE, Chair)

Epidemiology:Mireille Broeders (NL, Chair), Solveigh Hofind (NO)


Administrative Office

Erik Puthaar

Erik Puthaar MA BBA



Latest news

New Type Test Result

The HOLOGIC 3Dimensions has successfully passed the EUREF Type Test for 2D & Digital Breast Tomosynthesis mammography systems.

New Type Test Protocol is available

EUREF has developed a new Type Test Protocol (version 1.4) for both 2D & Digital Breast tomosynthesis mammography systems.

This protocol can be downloaded here.

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