European Guidelines, Digital Mammography Working Group

Welcome to the webpages of the European Guidelines, Digital Mammography Working group.

By using the menu on the top you can get access the Taskgroup 18 DICOM images, the Flatfield test, the Monitor check and the CDMAM-readout (Updated June 2007, CDCOM version 1.5).

CoverGuidelines4thEd_smallThe latest version of this protocol is included in the 4th edition of the “European Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Breast Cancer Screening and Diagnosis (European Communities, 2006).” and can be ordered at: (ISBN: 92-79-01258-4, Cataloguenumber: ND-73-06-954-EN-C).

The Physico-Technical Steering has made a start in creating “Supplements” to this latest version of the protocol. These Supplements will contain updates of the protocol, extra information about the newly developed typetest and how to apply for a typetest performed by EUREF. The latest information can be found at “Information from the Physico-Technical Steering Group” on the left.

Protocol and typetests

The Physico-Technical Steering Group of EUREF is a working group with well-known European experts and is occupied with the coordination of the European Quality Assurance and Quality Control Guidelines. The Members of this Steering Group are:

M. Thijssen, NL
R. van Engen, NL
K. Young, UK
P. Heid, FR
H. Bosmans, BE
B. Lazzari, IT

Latest information: Memo EUREF typetest.
The first version of the type test protocol can be downloaded here

The Adobe Acrobat Reader will be needed to view PDF-documents. Acrobat Reader can be downloaded here.