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General Information

One of the key activities of EUREF is certification of breast screening and diagnostic services. Therefore we have developed a European programme for voluntary certification of high quality mammography services.

This certification allows tangible and demonstrable recognition of adherence to a recognised quality system and will take into account the special requirements of both symptomatic and screening services. It has been developed for the European Commission by EUREF in co-operation with the European Network of Breast Screening Programmes, competent departments of the European Commission, European agencies and other interested national authorities in Member States.

Recently EUREF has started a collaboration with ItalCert and BCCcert regarding the execution of the EUREF certification programme. For more information, including on how apply for this certification, please visit https://www.breastscreeningcertification.com/

Latest news

New Type Test Result

The HOLOGIC 3Dimensions has successfully passed the EUREF Type Test for 2D & Digital Breast Tomosynthesis mammography systems.

New Type Test Protocol is available

EUREF has developed a new Type Test Protocol (version 1.4) for both 2D & Digital Breast tomosynthesis mammography systems.

This protocol can be downloaded here.

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